What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coatings are formulated to generate a clear, nano-crystalline film that protects the substrate beneath from environmental contaminants and chemical attack much beyond what a conventional wax or paint sealant could offer. Ceramic coatings are the next generation of paint protection offerings.

Ceramic Coatings are catalyzed by moisture in the atmosphere. The moisture begins a polymerization reaction to form a crystal lattice framework made up of tetrahedral arrangements of Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O). This crystal structure is very stable and doesn’t participate in chemical reactions with salts, acids or alkalis.

The end result is a very low energy, smooth, hard film that protects the substrate beneath from all manner of chemical attack and physical abrasion.

Ceramic Coating Delivers

-Extremely Hydrophobic

-Relentless Water Beading

– “Lotus Leaf Effect” On Top of Deep Paint Shine

-Ceramic Coating Demonstrates Contact Angles Up To 110° or More As Measured By An Optical Tensiometer

  • Ceramic Coatings can be expected to produce contact angles (θ) between 110 – 120 degrees

-Next Gen Paint Protection

-Highly Chemically Resistant

-Impressively Durable

-Suitable for a Variety of Surfaces


-4 Years Of Protection

-4 Year Manufacturers Warranty

-9H Hardness Pencil Hardness

  • What is 9H Hardness?

  • Hardness, in the coating industry, is the capacity of a given coated substrate to resist scratching, marring or gouging. When expressing the measurement of pencil hardness, we do so with a value scale that ranges from 9B (softest), to 9H (hardest). Typically, films like polyurethane and polycarbonate will fall into the ranges of B – 4H. So by applying a ceramic coating, you are increasing the hardness of the substrate several fold

Our Process

-Wash Surface

-Remove Iron & Other Contaminants off The Surface of Vehicle

– 2 – 5 Step Paint Correction

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Compound & Polish

  • Water Spot Removal

  • Remove Light Scratches, Water Marks, Swirl Marks

-Detox Wash Removing All Products Previously Applied

– Ceramic Coat Application

-Meticulous Quality Check Before Delivery


-Independently certified in the US by SGS and Boeing.

-Compliant With OSHA and REACH Standards

-VOC- Exempt & Non-Prop. 65 materials

-JADE Ceramic Coatings Get Tied To The VIN & Will Show Up On CARFAX Reports

-After Applied At Our Center We Report It To CARFAX

  • Adds Value To The Car*JADE Ceramic Coatings Get Tied To The VIN & Will Show Up On CARFAX Reports