How often should I wash my vehicle?

That depends on may variables, personal taste, preferences and expectations. Where you park your car and where you drive just to name a few. Norco Hills Car Wash recommends you wash your vehicle once per week.

How do I know when I need to wax my vehicle?

That, again, depends on personal taste and preference. One way you can test is by running your finger on a fresh washed surface. If it “squeaks” that is when you need a coat of wax.

Why do I need to wax my vehicle and what is are the benefits?

Waxing protects the paint finish from the elements by coating it with wax polymers, resins and silicone. In addition to protecting, waxing can also “lock in” the gloss to create brilliance, deepen or enrich dark colors and offer other benefits, such as water beading and light swirl removal depending on the formulation.

How long does wax last?

There is no standard answer, as there are many variables that affect wax durability; type and condition of paint, local environment, exposure duration, quality and type of wax, quality of car wash and your personal preferences and expectations. Generally speaking, however, Norco Hills Car Wash recommends waxing your vehicle every 2-3 months. More frequently is better.

Are your products "clear coat safe"

All products we use have been formulated to work safely on clear coats. All of our Meguiar’s products have a long-standing history and relationship with vehicle and paint manufacturers, ensuring products are compatible with the latest technology advancements in vehicle surface coating (or paint).

What products are you using for your detail center?

Norco Hills Car Wash has the responsibility to find the best products in the car wash industry for our valued customers. We’re proud to be an authorized detail center by Meguiar’s Inc. and we believe Meguiar’s offers one of the best product lines in the car car industry. You can learn more about Meguiar’s products at:

Why do I have water spots on my vehicle?

The same water you use to bathe your car also damages your vehicle’s paint. The spots and damage are caused by the minerals in the water. When water evaporates off your vehicle’s paint, the excess traces are calcium and metal deposits that can be damaging to your paint. Rain water may contain damaging acids from air pollution. The most common water spots are from water sprinklers. If the sprinkler water is allowed to dry and bake on by the sun, they will etch the clear coat. To prevent water spots on your vehicle’s paint finish, you must not allow any kind of water to bake onto your vehicle for more than 2 days. Maintain your vehicle regularly to prevent getting water spots in the first place.

Does Norco Hills Car Wash recycle water and is it environmentally friendly?

Yes. At Norco Hills Car Wash not only do we recycle water, but we use 60% less water as a do-it-yourself driveway car wash. In addition, soaps and waxes used at Norco Hills Car Wash are biodegradable and are handled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

What’s the difference between 100% hand wash and machine wash facilities?

It does not matter how machine wash facilities advertise how soft their wash cloths are. They will still scratch, swirl or damage your vehicle paint finish, especially on dark color vehicles (no to mention machine malfunction breaking antennas, mirrors or moldings). At Norco Hills Car Wash, we offer 100% hand washes with micro-fiber towels and mitts to assure your vehicle is washed without scratches or damages.

Can I take my convertible through Norco Hills Car Wash?

Yes, convertible tops are no problem. Norco Hills Car Wash uses soaps and cleaners that are safe for all vehicles.

What if it rains after I wash my vehicle?

No worries. Norco Hills Car Wash offers you a 48 hour rain check. If it rains within 48 hours of washing your vehicle, just bring in your receipt and we will wash it for free (exterior only). Must redeem next day car wash is open.

How do I join the "CLUB"?

It’s easy, on your first visit, just give us your license plate number, your name and your email address to receive specials and coupons.

Does the "CLUB" cost me anything to join?

It costs you nothing to join and you receive all of the following benefits:

• 10-30% savings on selected services
• FREE birthday wash (must join prior to your birthday)
 FREE anniversary wash (5 washes minimum per year to qualify)
• No card or paper to carry
• Frequent wash rewards
• Multiple vehicle discounts
• Specials and coupons emailed to you monthly